Simple Diary From Simple Life

I'm just 19 ordinary Indonesian girl trying to reach my dreams. Basically crying over books and films. fangirling over bands and celebrities. and love to eat, laugh, and do fun things.

"I’m not afraid of being alone. I’m just afraid I’m losing my bestfriend"

My dream last night

Last night I was dreaming met nathan and the boys again:”) It was so real that after I woke up, there’s tear on my face.
I was dreaming met them on a train, they’re just finished they (very last) show. And I was broken to see them for the last time. I met nathan, he saw me. I just wondering that he doesn’t remember at all. And I come closer to him, he said “hello how you doin?” Same as like when we first met on real concert. I ignored his question, I asked him “dont you remember me? Im your hvg last year?” And he just like “awww I’m so sorry….yea I remember you, wella right?”
I shocked how can he knows my name, when I never mention him. And he was like “I saw your twitter. Creeping heheh” and right there I was crying, and nathan holds me “why you crying?”
And I was like “nothing. Im just sad, this is last show for you. And after that I can’t see u together again. I love you all, I’m survive from this life just because of you all. You don’t know how much I love you” and I’m crying like baby
“Ssshh baby. Its not over for us. Its just our beginning. We’re still together, and don’t say we don’t know how much you love us, because we do. We know how much you love us. And we love you too, we love all #twfanmily aroung the world. You guys make us like this, we’re famous because of you. Now, dont be sad (he was touch my face to clear my tears) we always be with you”
And I was hugging him, he asked me “feel so cold?” And I’m nooded. The concert is in outdoor and it was rainy so my clothes are wet. Nathan about give me his sweater but he has cold to so I said “dont. Just wear it. You need more than me” he smiling to me. We’re hugging like the first time we met. I was like crying :( I missed him, but I have to face the fact that he can’t be with me around. Eventhough I know he will say that they always be with me, but I know they will leave me alone. And when the dream was end, and I opened my eyes. I still can feel nathan’s hug and my face full of my tear. I love them so much. I love them. And they never know it:(


"Kejar ilmu setinggi bintang dilangit tapi hati kita serendah mutiara di lautan. Bintang itu bersinar dilangit dan mutiara itu tetap bernilai walaupun berada di bawah lautan."

Wella mufidah

"When you’re in love with someone, don’t look at his past, don’t look at the future, just look at him now, and love him for who he is♥"

Wella sykes

"Untuk mempertanyakan sesuatu, untuk meyakini sesuatu, untuk mengetahui kepastian, bertanya adalah hal yang mendasar. Kamu tidak akan pernah tau isi hatinya, jika kamu tidak bertanya apa yang dia rasakan terhadapmu"



has someone ever crushed your feelings so hard that you would rather just not like anyone again just to save yourself from being put through a whole lot of shit




It always has to be you.
And its only you.
No I don’t blame this feel. I feel so right to loving you. Its just maybe the time.
I come to you when you’re not ready at all. When all your thoughts you focused only for her.
Maybe its too fast for us… but trust me, when you love someone, you can’t choose who you love, you can’t deny the time. Because it’s become naturally.

I just wondering, did you really have that feelings for me even only a bit?

Wella mufidah

"Sastra adalah sebuah karya berbentuk lisan maupun tulisan yang mengekspresikan suatu perasaan ataupun kehidupan yang pengarang lihat. Sastra bersifat imajintif, kreatif dan memiliki keindahan dalam pembuatannya."


"maaf itu tidak bisa menyelesaikan masalah. memberi maaf sama saja seperti memberi kesempatan untuk mengulangi kesalahan"
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